Holiday Inn Buena Park Hotel Environmental Policy

Everyone at the Holiday Inn Buena Park understands our responsibility to protect and minimize our impact on the environment.  Our mission is to establish enivornmental standards of operation, create policies designed to conserve natural resources, educate our guests and team members and to partner with local and environmentally friendly businesses.

Our hotel will adhere to the following:

  • Implement strategic environmental practices in the operation of our hotel
  • Manage resources consumed in an effort to reduce use of electric, gas, water and waste usage wherever practical
  • Educate and engage our owners, team members, guests and vendors in our ongoing efforts to protect the environment
  • Consider our commitment to the environment when making business decisions
  • Purchase low energy lighting throughout the hotel
  • Turn off non-essential equipment and lights when not in use
  • Implement a hotel recycling program to the full extent of our hotels' municipality
  • Purchase supplies made with recycled content and products that can be used more than once and/or recycled.  Purchase Energy Star® labeled appliances and equipment
  • Discard toxic materials and products that contain them properly (flourescent bulbs, batteries, chemicals, etc).  Discard only things that cannot be re-used or recycled. 
  • Use electronic or digital communications (email, telephone, text messages) before using paper/print based communications (fax,prints)

We strongly believe that our efforts to conserve energy and resources today will serve the interests of both our current and future generations

Keep Orange County Green!

Our hotel has implemented a variety of green practices aimed at reducing waste and conserving energy resources.  Throughout our renovations, we've taken extraordinary measures to 'think green' in what we buy, how we dispose of un-needed materials, and run a socially responsible, eco-friendly, 'green' hotel.

  • "Conserving for Tomorrow" Linen/Towel re-use program
  • Energy efficient lighting used throughout the hotel, including T8 lightbulbs and fluorescent bulbs
  • Paper recycling in the hotel back-office
  • Participates regularly with Southern California Edison Demand Bidding Program to reduce electrical usage
  • Bottle and all-glass recycling in the kitchen
  • Use of new energy efficient ovens
  • Any new equipment purchased is energy star rated
  • Participation with Southern California Edison Energy Savings Program

If you enjoyed your stay and our services, please be sure to leave a review on istaygreen.org.

We are rated on both istaygreen.org and rezhub.com for our environmental policies.

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